(Svenska) BLITZ

Blitz Duplex

  • Double hydraulic systems, one of which cares exclusively for safety, “ISA Duplex” patented system completely protected from external influences.
  • Automatic level regulation.
  • Unique pit cover system, Flexcover,  provides a completely even pit cover with optimal mobility.
  • The system is patented.
  • Flexcover system is capable of handling a load of 4 tons.
  • Hot galvanized oil tank on each lift cylinder, pilot controlled one-way valve in direct flange connection with the lift cylinder.
  • Each lift cylinder has a rotation lock of the load carrier.
  • Low load carriers, free drive-on height down to only 60 mm. Can also be completely lowered into the floor.
  • Lifting capacity 15 tons/column up to a lifting height of 1 900 mm.
  • Telescope cylinders provide minimal built-in depth of only 1 500 mm.
  • Two, three or four columns depending on the vehicle.
  • The mobile columns are operated via an engine powered system.
  • Hot galvanized frames are recommended.
  • Radio communication, axle distance and 0-position indicator with a green light are examples of optional choices.

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